P(L)AYPAL GIRL!” * 10/25/2017 (Odin’s Day – Wednesday)

  • : have hummingbird, will travel … or, visit, a long time . like, forever! 🙂

I recently(?) (pause – could be pretty long, I think!)

Got PayPal –

se – cur ED

To my site!

It took some time – (yup!)

But now it’s fine –



Was a “fright!”

But, now

That it’s



Acting like it should!

They sent me a nice “perk” (I guess)


Named “PUD!”

Pudd’n Pie’s her “given” name and she

is mighty cute – She used to work

for PayPal! (I think!)

Perhaps that’s fairly moot (mute)!

Anyway! PUD – came-to-live-with-me – – – – (pause)

& my parents (pause)

And “the booze.”

And she-has-a-pet,

A hummingbird!

Can’t hum!-

But sings The Blues!


But PUDD’n, well, (she) takes all my “dough!”

Everything I’ll ever make!

From PayPal or, for goodness sake,

From ANY source – at any time!

I hesitate to even rhyme,

For, if these words get published, well,

She’ll take the “royalties,” I’m sure,

She will –

And buy her lots of “juice,”

for Little Hum-burg, bird-on-the-loose!

Anyway, my story’s sad – but PayPal,

Well, they’re not that bad – &, anyway,

before SHE came – I suffered, ‘cause I had

No Fame –

And, now, a thousand years

Have passed – & I’m eternal! – Life DOES

Last – Especially with a hummingbird,

Because they’re magic –

So I’ve heard! ❤️

fin. ❤️

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