Australian First Nations Historical society




I went on exploration – to parts, to parts unknown!

I went to get my mind, to get it really β€œblown,”

I found my journey filled with smells,

And, even, heard some wedding bells!

There! There! The pillars called Far Beyond!

I sought the refuge of Forbidden Pond!

I passed the pillars – there-was-some-upheaval!

To enter – Your For-est Primeval!

The bush was thick, but I went right in,

And got smacked – upon my chin!

I knew a river must be near –

Because a scent of fish severe!

I journeyed toward The Cave of Souls,

To find THE GOLD, where β€œthe bell tolls!:”

And, suddenly, β€˜twas from above,

A small protuber, like a dove,

Did do β€œa number” on me there,

But I heard nothing much to fear!

I simply stroked the little guy,

And, then, like magic, he did cry!

And, suddenly, my journey done!?

Investigations can be FUN!!

fin. <3