JfastereftSynergy looks at circle in the wheel as the first invention by man which led to so much progress in the world. The circle is progressive, secular and harmonious. When in a circle, we are all equal, no one is in front and no one behind. No one above and no one below. The hoop of life is also a circle where each and everyone endures his space in a holistic manner without disturbing the scheme of things by nature or Almighty. The Sun, the Moon, the stars and even the earth are all rounded in shape and go about their chores in a regulated manner. Circle is vigorous and regenerative. Our watch, clock, wedding ring and coins are circular in shape. Our Zero makes the circle more emphatic.The cycle of karma and reincarnation are there for the believers.

โ€œONE AND THE SAME?โ€ 09/23/2017 (Saturday)

โ€œWeโ€™re the same!โ€ she said to me.

โ€œWeโ€™re the same!โ€ she said with glee.

โ€œOh, YES, my Love, we ARE the same –

But You and Me, weโ€™re groom and dame!

โ€˜Cause when we KNOW we ARE the same –

Thereโ€™ll be no one โ€˜round here to blame!

For, when we KNOW โ€œThe Sacred Rhyme,โ€



No Valentine!

For, when we KNOW we are the same –

Weโ€™ll be just one – no one to blame!โ€

She said: โ€œThatโ€™s โ€˜lame;โ€™ it can not be!โ€

But I was gone – Sheโ€™s now inside me



He had a charm that every girl desired
His smile was the kind that only angels aspired
His divine soul was like a star in the sky
His heart was drenched in truth in that ocean of the lies.

His passion was to dance in the shadow of the day
He moved in the sunshine when the world faded to gray
They called him insane but he was a free soul
He loved his life like a crazy lover, no matter what he was told.

All he wanted to do was to live his life the way he wished
That light he aspired was surely gonna be missed
He wrote tales that someday were meant to be heard
He held the quill in his hand and knew the power of a word.

He was just so kind and cared for every soul
His heart was a heavenly spark which shone its light on all
He had a friendly embrace and a smile on his face
He played Mr. nice in each and every case.