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Life is very busy for your average creative employee. Hours are spent trying to impress employers, colleagues and clients with our passion, hard-work and dedication to our chosen field. Often we are so busy trying to get ahead in life that we forget to consider the present day and with this, seemingly overlook the most important relationship of all; the one we have with ourselves.

Self-nourishment is essential if we are to be, do and achieve our best. And so, with this in mind, here are ten quick tricks that could help to sprinkle a little happiness over your day.

Get up ten minutes earlier each morning – this avoids the stress and struggles of rushing. Take a little more time to enjoy that first morning coffee, that first hot shower, that first conversation. You’ll thank yourself later in the day.
Listen to your favourite song on your commute into the office. Researchers at Deakin University announced this year that people who are actively engaged in music reported a higher level of ‘subjective well-being.’ Put simply, those who regularly listen to music are much happier.
Pack a naughty but nice snack for your mid-morning break. We all work harder when we’ve got something, however big or small, to look forward to.
Go for a walk in your lunch hour – Working on a difficult project at work? Exercise at lunchtime is the perfect solution. We all know exercise is a mood booster, but it also reduces anxiety and stimulates the brain and so will help you to problem solve better in the office.
Get to know a work colleague better – A little conversation goes a long way in the workplace – you will certainly learn something new and you never know, you might make new friends.
Congratulate yourself when you’ve done a good job – you really do deserve it.
Do a good deed- this not only helps others, but improves your wellbeing too. According to the Mental Health Foundation, when you help others, it promotes positive physiological changes in the brain associated with happiness so everyone is a winner.
Make time to relax- relaxation in the evenings helps you to unwind after a long day at work. This is very important for your happiness so don’t overlook it. Grab the book, the facemask, the glass of wine… whatever it is that helps you to feel content.
Talk to your best friend (and no, social media does not count!)- Have a real conversation in person or over the phone and remember to laugh because laughter decreases stress hormones and encourages positivity.
Take five minutes every day to remind yourself of just how well you are doing and remember all of the exciting things that you still have coming.