If you ask any man in this world, β€œWho is it that wakes up? Who is it that dreams? And who
is it that sleeps?β€œ He will answer, β€œIt is I that wake up; it is I that dream; it is I that sleep.β€œ If you ask
him β€œWhat is this I?β€œ he will say, β€œthis body is the β€œIβ€œ.β€œ He will tell you that it is the body that sleeps.
When the brain is tired or exhausted, it is the body that sleeps; when the brain is disturbed, it is the
body that dreams; and when the brain is refreshed, it is the body that wakes up after sound sleep.
A psychologist who has made a special study of the mind will say that the mind, which has
its seat in the brain, is the β€œIβ€œ. He says that the mind is inseparable from the brain and it perishes
along with the physical body.
The metaphysicians and the spiritualists hold that the mind continues to exist somewhere
after the death of the body. According to psychologists, metaphysicians and spiritualists it is the
mind that wakes up, dreams and sleeps and this mind is the β€œIβ€œ.
A Theologist says that there is a soul which is quite independent of the body and the mind
and it is this soul that wakes up, dreams and sleeps and the soul is the β€œIβ€œ. This soul enters another
body in accordance with the law of Karma.
A Vedantin says that neither this body nor the mind nor the soul is the β€œIβ€œ. There is one pure
consciousness or Atman in all beings which is Infinite, Eternal, all-pervading, self-existent,
self-luminous and self-contained which is partless, timeless, spaceless, birthless, and deathless.
This is the real β€œIβ€œ. This β€œIβ€œ never wakes, dreams or sleeps. It is always the seer or the silent witness
(Sakshi) of the three states of waking, dreaming and sleeping. It is the Turiya or the fourth state. It is
the state that transcends the three states.
It is the false or relative β€œIβ€œ called Ahamkara or ego or that Jiva that wakes up, dreams and
sleeps. The waker, the dreamer and the sleeper are all changing personalities and unreal.
The real self, the real β€œIβ€œ never wakes up, dreams and sleeps. From the point of the Absolute
Truth or Paramartha Satta no one wakes up, dreams and sleeps.