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We can fly too! I’ve been practicing . . . if you just go around, day after day, sort of . . . flapping your arms . . . even if you can not get an immediate “lift off,” you can definitely feel yourself getting lighter, as you flap. Plus, you are exercising you “wing muscles,” getting them ready for that glorious “lighter-than-air” experience that we have all, for so many years, been so jealous about when we have watched our little birdie, winged friends darting and zipping from this power line to that clothes line to that branch, just out of reach, perching with a particular dignity and grace that, truly, only air flight can satisfy! Yea buy any of this stuff!?

Any way if you do all my kittens are not dead !


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We have included 15 Cultural Australian stories for your pleasure.

Many Readers enjoy the ease of seeing vision.

Perhaps the Journey was always to be inclusive in sharing vision to.