Sovereignty over Nulla’s Murra People’s Territory/Countries?

Published on March 21, 2017

Uncle Nulla of the MURRA (UNotMurra)
Ex-student at UoW ~ university of wollongong

Efforts have been made to rescue and revive the notions for “an embassy” at both Canberra and in Wollongong (namely at McCauleys Beach Camp [MBC]), more intensively so over the past 18 months. At Canberra the S.T.O.P movement “Towards Governance” has worked most earnestly and The MBC has waited in a “Caretaker Situation” for a notional “national” directive on sovereignty and “their” aspirations for constitutional reform[s]. The Illawarra Aborigines, as the surviving First People of a local “regionality”, assert [dependent or other] sovereignty over both our Mother Country and related neighbouring lands of The Murra People, which includes the Sydney Basin, Canberra/ACT and lands in Victoria.

There is a current EoI (Expression of Interest) in action for representatives of the constitutional monarchy of the CoA (in NSW) to “Come Talk a Walk” with our polity of ambassadors to further explore “Pathways via Blueprints” to ensure a sustainable “Co-existence of Sovereignties” (parallel sovereign-ties) into the future, using the available ruling laws (and/or identified conflicts at-law) with the best of good spirits in a process of treatising. The start & end of a dialogue in discourses will entail “Peace & Unity” throughout, orderliness & coherence bi-laterally, and a [local] Treaty of sorts to celebrate, if successful. May gods, Almighty God or no god at all wish us well for the exercise (to become a living Dreamtime in Our Lives) 😀