“It is not enough to assume our human rights are protected under law when so much legislation has been introduced to subvert many basic rights and natural justice. Many of our laws would in fact fail to pass the sniff test in light of the UN charter of Human Rights. More often than not, the rights of big corporations to exploit natural resources has been strengthened at the expense of the environment, and the health and welfare of Indigenous and other people who live on this continent. There is a need for human rights to be enshrined in law, for international laws to be accepted into domestic law and for all legislation currently in place to be subject to scrutiny in light of basic human rights. It is not enough to fight a battle to close down the off shore processing of asylum seekers or end mandatory detention or to stop the closure of Aboriginal communities. There is a need to ensure that the human rights abuses of the past and present are unable to be repeated in the future no matter who is in government. This group is to share and lobby for the larger picture and the need for fundamental change.”