As a child I saw your connection with the now moment, that brought you like a angel to me with your laughter, and words in a sentence not correct but so full of meaning
A tear to let me know you need to be embraced in my love.
As you grew up and the confusion mounted, I whispered higher secrets to you as you slept and I sat by your bed so very proud of you and the way you handled a world lost.
…As a adult I saw you take the responsibility of life and try to set an example for others to follow.
I saw you explore the answers to life’s great mysteries.
I saw you with a broken heart, and I sat with you as I did when you were the child. I stayed with you till you were strong enough to carry on .

I looked on as you were married bringing a balance into your life, I saw your smile I felt and heard your happy heart beating, full of hope and joy.
A angel stepped forward and said I wish that to be my mum and dad and birth did you give. I stood in the background and enjoyed the celebrations.
Now I see you today and after all these years you are returning to me, Not that I ever left you for why would I , I am your father and you went away from me in your mind but now you are aware of me in your heart.
The moment draws close when once again there will be a celebration in your true home and you will be one with so many beautiful hearts ,I will once again witness a angel bringing you to me and you will laugh and I will feel heaven express much joy.


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