Dearest family of our loving God, in the beginning we were given life in paradise. Here on a planet where everything we saw around us was a part of the whole. But when we were created we were given free will for we were a special part of creation so we could live and honor the planet we were at one with. By doing this we honored our creator Then we broke away from seeing the planet as part of the our creation. and so we controlled it all and in our break from the wholeness of life, to just our own wants and needs. This quickly got out of hand and all life was threatened by this split in creation. Then God intervened by calling on certain people to form laws so that when obeyed they could bring order back into creation and be blessed as groups of people who followed these laws. Then it was to be that man abused the laws to take control over other people and claim to be Gods people and they placed a heavy burden upon the less fortunate and ones who the law was kept from understanding, but was used to control once again them to serve the few.Then God being only love saw they had used the law to enhance themselves and separated from his love and those who were controlled. It mattered not what part of the world it was the same thing was happening . God could hear the cries of the land and the burdened people and through his prophets and messengers told them of a time when he would send himself down among them and take the burden of the law off them, and whoever was to believe in his son would be free and they would show that they believed by returning to love. For he was to come not as a king of Kings, but humble and a servant to all mankind and gather people who would be his people to spread the love of his Divine Father and show that if people believed in him they would return to being the Children of God. Now my beautiful friends , you are these ones of which he spoke of and you have accepted that he paid the price ( crucifixion )of everyone’s separation from love (life) if they in living faith surrendered  to his call and reap everlasting life once again in a paradise. The spirit of Jesus was sent to earth on his return to the Father. the (Holy Spirit ) now was the guiding light for all who wish to return to love and be the light as a witness to all. For no person is needed to die on believing in the only way back to eternal life for the loving spirit within if owned and becomes once again who you are (Love) then you are saved for you are one with God. Now the final vibration of light has been set in motion as it vibrates through the cosmos towards the earth and is arriving now to call and bring all life to him. If your spirit is at peace with love as its motive you will be lifted when the ascension or rapture arrives.  All glory is of God, and as one of his messengers I pass this message to all who have a heart to understand.. Blessings. .

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