All the Education in the world without application 

I have no qualms in admitting

That I have been a fool

I need to learn the ABCs

So I’m going back to school

The shiny gates are open

And they’re calling out to me

So I’ll pack my books and bag

And a student I would be

There’ll be a lot of folks there

Of varied age and size

Showing child-like eagerness

To win an elusive prize

But not all of them will be winning

A lot of them would repeat

The tests and the course

As a part of their defeat

I wish I hadn’t spent so many years

Learning all sorts of stuff

When I should really have been learning

How to grow up and be tough

I know math and physics

I have what it takes

But I don’t know how to fix

A broken heart that aches

I don’t know how to fix

An aching heart that breaks

Mim x

Created by Bluebaby Graphics 

Created by Mim 

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