Does it really matter who falls in love and says I love you first? I don’t think so. In love, both men and women are equal. But, it’s also kind of cute and sweet to know that your partner was the first one to feel and say it.

Many believe, and I even thought so, that it’s the girls who first get emotionally attached to men and thus, they fall in love first too. But, findings from a study on relationships prove us all wrong.

In a research published in The Journal of Social Psychology, 172 college students were asked to answer several questions including “In your most recent romantic relationship, how long did it take you to realize you were in love?” and “In your most recent committed, romantic relationship, who said ‘I love you’ first?”

Surprisingly and contrary to what we probably all expected, their responses showed that men fall in love faster than women and it’s also the men who first say the magic word “I love you”.

Their actions don’t reveal they are, but men are also slaves of love.

If you are the type of a woman who doesn’t like to make the first move for a relationship to prosper, well, you still have the greater chance of winning your man. Just patiently wait until he surrenders and says “I love you”.

Though personally, I think men need a little pushing. If a girl really likes and love the guy, she should not be prevented to try her luck and tell him. What if you both are just waiting for the other to make a step, then your relationship will not grow. Besides, you won’t lose anything in doing yourself a favor by telling him how you feel.

Like I have said, in love, men and women are equal.

Share us your story. In your most recent committed, romantic relationship, who said ‘I love you’ FIRST?

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