Peacekeepers International 

When I was a child in school as I sang the song “Let there be peace on earth” it always made me cry. Not in the “Miss America – I Want World Peace” kind of way but true deep tears. I’m not sure why this song hit me so hard as a young child but I still can’t hear it or sing it without the tears flowing.

Now as an adult I know where those tears come from. As a woman who saw more than her share of violence I think I had a justice calling from a young age, always wanting peace. So today we celebrate International Day of Peace September 21st each year.

As I think about world peace and peace issues, I am more aware than ever, peace does begin with me just like the song says. We have an obligation first in our homes to take the necessary steps of peace, reducing violence, anger and having no tolerance for abuse, then in our communities and then our state, our country and then in our world. When we work globally our statistics say the peace and a lack of terrorism is more likely where women are gainfully employed and educated.

Peace is possible but let it begin with us.


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