Do you believe in Angels?

Maybe, some are blessings from the Lord

Maybe, some are animals to keep us company on Earth

Maybe, Children so gentle and pure

Maybe, that person you hardly take notice of when they smile and nod at you

Maybe, that feather that drifts down at your feet you hardly notice, cause you are to closed up with worry

Maybe, all the butterflies that fly around you don’t notice

Perhaps you screamed at God “show me you are real”

Just cause you persevered with the answer to your prayer never having “TIME” TO LOOK AROUND YOURSELF.

First you need after praying for help to look around you and you will find the answer to your praise has always been right there in front of you all the “TIME”

“Ask and you shall receive”

“Ask for nothing and nothing is what you get”

At the end of the day the message here is!

The Lord is testing you.

Are you ready for prayer for your own beliefs or do you deny the existence of a Higher Power in your life.

You are never alone, for he is with you always

Look for all your blessings handed to you by Angeles sent to show you the way.

For the Angeles are your guides sent by The Lord .

Blessings Mim