What can you offer to do over if given another chance? I know our answers vary as East is from the West. For some it would be to get tipsy. Others would prefer to get randy while others would like to make more money. Whether you are yearning to get right with God, wed the girl of your life, get a job promotion or whatever you peg your desires on, I know you can pull it off. But then is it worth the effort?

I will not cast the first stone. I will drum up support for you to get that ‘pricy’ gem, although on a condition that you are ascending. It must be bringing out the best in you. What is the need of not living up to our full capabilities? I will help someone get in touch with reality in order to discern new actualities.

From long ago, people, things and times have metamorphosed and obviously keep fine-tuning forever. From when a seed germinates to when it bears fruit, in between is a series of stages of development (growth). Likewise, regimes, lifestyles and statuses all undergo various minute-minute never-ending transitions. Arrival to departure, acceptance to rejection, democracy to republicanism, happiness to distress, birth to death- are all under the same continuum but at opposite ends and reachable at different times under diverse conditions.

A suckling infant is contented until it demands solid food as a plus. A coward only learns to be brave when it dawns that cowardice is not helping. The bones of the lazy are strengthened when hunger bites. Perhaps life has a peculiar way to peak a person’s potential at the proper time. Interestingly, setting out to make a difference is poignantly and absolutely accomplishable until you get cold feet in the very thing you dreamt of. Then you will say, “I thought I was rising to rake in lots of money”.

A lot happen with the passage of time just like I don’t see my beard growing or when the sun crosses the sky. It is more like mood swings of which I have no control; sometimes I feel so high and other times so low that no one possibly can go under it. What a contrast? This is the recipe making life a fairy tale worth retelling. Maybe you should blame whatever or whoever is feeding filth or fab to your gallery. Anyway, indulge your head to care for you. Guess what? Nobody else cares if you sink or swim. Everyone is occupied by whatever their causes are.

But a story beginning from bleak and barren backgrounds and climaxing and curtaining in rich received_1325676914182405paradisiacal landscape deserves a keen ear. Even an age-old story like that never loses taste. I am a true enthusiast of such as Winston Churchill would put, “My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best”.

It could be choosing not to back down at the face of trials. It could be choosing to stay sane when all around are losing their minds. Or it might be opting to relive merry moments while you burn in the current hell. I choose to believe in myself and all I am made of because I am me and can never be the next person. A simple one-time failure may truly be masking a fortune.

Upward movement pleases me. Forward movement fascinates me. I would go in these directions for a chance to heighten and inflame my spirits and to bulge my pockets. I pledge loyalty to the needs of my expedient soul. Seesawing is merely stagnating.

Tolerance, a key requirement in any task should stand the test of time. The thought of having to cast a regretful look doesn’t sit well with me. Instead, I would love to gladly smile and feel the thrill sublime my body because I made the right choice that I have lived with.

Therefore, evaluation of the present in comparison with the past assists to put priorities in the right order. Shifting times need flexibility to make appropriate adjustments. Change is inevitable as death for the living. Anticipate modification. Embrace transmutation. Transform before correction changes you and if it does, let it remodel you for the better. I wish you say in later times, of course after making a firm decision now, that “nothing is as it was because things are better now than before”

Mim x