Techly Explains: Why do cats love boxes?

Cats love boxes

Oh, what fun to cat’s

Creeping around-the-clock playing

Crushing paper delights

Oh, to be a cat, life is full of adventures

My Father one day said to me

” one day if you come back from Heaven what do you want to come back as? ”

That was so easy, Auntie Zelma’s Cat Ziggy!

Ziggy loved boxes, play, sleep all on Auntie Zelma’s bed.

Even wore collars made from silk.

Reflecting now I have changed my mind

I won’t live in a box, categories

Funny thing about human beings, they seem to love being catrogised into boxes

Like, I’m gay

Like, I’m Heterosexual

Like, I’m a Third Sex, meaning I don’t do it

Me thank goodness I don’t live in any box

So Ziggy by know you are in Heaven with Auntie Zelma

And I’m still here πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ˜†

Mim x