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I won’t complain and I wont fight back, I’ll smile 

through the pain and I’ll keep moving through the rain but my eyes can only show the truth of the day. 

Let my frowns not mislead you my speech not attack you but look at my eyes that smile and embrace you.

For you are my world that is forevermore 

Diamond x

Australian First Nations Historical Group

Today was a public holiday here in Australia. 26th January is known to some as Australia Day, to others as Invasion Day. A day of celebration for some, for others, a day of mourning and/or activism- acknowledging the past and present injustices to the indigenous peoples of this country- for others still, simply a welcome […]

via On this Day in 1788… — Work in Progress


You love…
Because I love you I will

Be more happy.

If I didn’t love so much

Like this.

That even my eyes

You know answer the size

This love.

That will always stay inside the

My heart.
And you arrived to transform

In my life. And enrich the

Words that comes to move the

Hearts of joy my great,


Because there is someone who is in need

Remember not to forget.

But above all there is to you

It is not possible to forget.

My great love…*


Are we all broken

Carrying dark pasts

DO you ever question WHY Me!

Thoughts raced through my mind like a never ending chase

Until one day, every thing clicked

I was the victim of a perpetrators

Until then, did I find the truth within myself

Relief spread through my fragile soul

With a feel of divine freedom

Waves of emotions held all these years just washed away

The freeing of my soul I felt liberated from the guilt I had carried all these years.

Until, that moment I found the freedom to be whomever I am today.

I’m not broken anymore, I am proud to say I am Free!

As seen through the eyes of a child. MIM












Come to me and rub my bellie and I will tell you my “SECRETS”

Peggy, Peggy, come to me

Tell me your secrets and set me free

If you want to know some secrets of mine

Sit with me till the end of time

Sit with me till the end of time

If you want to know some secrets of mine

Tell me your secrets and set me free

Peggy, Peggy, come to me

Mim x