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July.25, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceHealthDesk says here’s todays #COVID19 🦒’Australia Headlines’🦒NSW renews pleas for Pfizer doses as Delta cases hit new record despite Sydney lockdown — as 50,000 additional Pfizer doses are set to land in Sydney this coming week as NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard renews pleas for other states to donate vaccines after another record daily infection total’

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‘Goodness & Mercy Hands Across The Sea’

Look back on all of Saturday’s coronavirus news in our live blog uopdaten on articles here:

#CoronavirusNewsDesk says NSW records 163 new #COVID19 cases, Health Minister Brad Hazzard takes aim at other states as the isolation status of 19 cases remains unclear: NSW Police Minister David Elliott says 57 people have been charged after attending an anti-lockdown protest in Sydney today and that a strike force has been established to identify others who were there.Read more

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NSW records 163 locally acquired cases of COVID-19.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard says NSW has “been cast aside” by Australia as the state’s COVID-19 crisis deepened today with a record 163 new infections announced.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian yesterday called on the Commonwealth and her counterparts in other states to send their Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines to Sydney, which has been in lockdown for a month amid an outbreak of the Delta variant.

Her pleas were rebuffed at a national cabinet meeting yesterday afternoon and while Ms Berejiklian did not front today’s press conference in Sydney, Mr Hazzard took up the fight.

“Last time I looked, we were a Commonwealth, we worked together, so it disturbs me that it would seem that all we’ve ever done to work together has just seemingly been cast aside,” he said.

“It is with disappointment that I heard some of the responses from leaders from other states.”Catch up on the main COVID-19 news from July 24 with a look back at our blog

He said states worked together to overcome natural disasters.

“I can’t quite see the difference between beating back fires and addressing the problems of floods, and beating back this COVID virus,” he said.

“If it gets worse here in New South Wales, it could actually create massive problems for the whole country. New South Wales is the gateway to the rest of Australia.”

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Brad Hazzard says he’s disappointed other states won’t help NSW.

While the states might not be willing to part with their allocated Pfizer doses, the Commonwealth has found some to spare.

Roughly 50,000 doses from a small federal contingency will be delivered to Sydney this week through state clinics.

Importantly, they will not affect the volume of doses other states and territories receive.

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley said it is a reasonable arrangement.

“If in fact there is unallocated vaccines in the national stockpile, then I don’t think any of us have any difficulty in that being prioritised in the area of greatest need in the Commonwealth,” he said.

But news of the incoming doses met a lukewarm response within parts of the NSW government with one government source describing it to the ABC as “throwing crumbs.”

‘Continuing and growing problem’

The 163 new infections in the 24 hours to 8:00pm yesterday was the highest daily number recorded since the current Delta outbreak began last month.

A record 93,000 tests were performed.

Of the new cases, 45 were infectious in the community and a further 26 people were in isolation for only part of their infectious period.

Eighty-seven cases are linked to a known case or cluster, with the source of infection for 76 cases under investigation.

More than 60 of the new cases were infected in households.

Mr Hazzard said it was clear that families and friends were still gathering amid the lockdown affecting Greater Sydney and its surrounds.

Parts of Central West NSW are also in lockdown.

“I want to stress again that when we look at the numbers, what we see is transmission particularly as a result of family members getting together when they just should not be getting together,” he said.

“It was only a few days ago that we were in the 70s. So what it is telling us is we have a continuing and growing problem, particularly in south-west and western Sydney.”

There have been 18 cases linked to a family gathering in Pendle Hill.

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Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys says people are still deliberately flouting public health orders.

Police yesterday busted a gathering of eight people at a home in Pyrmont.

“This sort of behaviour is highly irresponsible, and is quite conscious in terms of that people are actually planning these events and inviting people around,” NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys said.

Police issued 246 penalty infringement notices to people breaching COVID public health orders yesterday.

There are currently 139 people in hospital with 37 of these in intensive care. Seventeen require ventilation.

This is where we’ll have to leave the blog for today, but thanks for following along.

From dance nights to paper bag portraits, travellers in hotel quarantine make their own entertainment

It’s been a pretty heavy day on the COVID front, so here’s something a little lighter.

There are currently almost 2,000 people in quarantine in the Howard Springs facility in the NT, which houses Australians returning from overseas as well as interstate travellers coming from declared hotspots.

Alyssa Paternotte is spending two weeks there en route from Spain to Queensland.

“We really try to keep ourselves entertained during this time,” she said.

“Everyone is restricted to their balconies and strictly adhering to wearing the masks but we are making the best of the situation.”

To help pass the time, travellers challenged themselves to draw self-portraits on the brown paper lunch bags their meals were delivered in.

(You can read the full story here).

Protesters gather in Melbourne against state’s fifth lockdown

Any news on the lockdown protest in Melbourne?


At least 1,000 people have gathered in Melbourne’s CBD to protest the state’s fifth lockdown.

Mostly unmasked, the protestors chanted “Free Victoria” and marched from Flinders St station to Parliament House. ABC News: Oliver Gordon

Placards with anti-vaccine sentiment were abundant.

Protestors regularly came close to the many police in attendance with their smartphone cameras and megaphones, screaming obscenities. ABC News: Oliver Gordon

Eventually flares were let off outside Parliament House, and multiple arrests were made. 

Reporting by Oliver Gordon

In pictures: Sydney anti-lockdown protest

Several people have been arrested as thousands of anti-lockdown protesters breached COVID-19 restrictions and gathered in Sydney’s CBD.

The ABC’s Tim Swanston is at the scene.ABC News: Tim Swanston

ABC News: Tim Swanston

ABC News: Tim Swanston

WA records zero new cases

The state’s total remains at 1,048.

Nine active COVID-19 cases are being monitored by WA Health: eight cases remain aboard the BBC California currently berthed at Fremantle Port and one case is in hotel quarantine.

To date, 1,030 people have recovered from the virus in WA.

Anti-lockdown protesters descend on central Sydney

You may have seen those videos posted a little earlier, but several people have been arrested as thousands of anti-lockdown protesters breached COVID-19 restrictions and gathered in Sydney’s CBD.

People in Greater Sydney and its surrounds have been living in lockdown for exactly four weeks, as an outbreak of the Delta COVID-19 continues to spread.

Protesters shouted “freedom” as they marched towards the CBD, through the suburb of Haymarket, which had just moments earlier been declared a virus hotspot by NSW Health’s Jeremy McAnulty at a press conference.

There were chaotic scenes on Broadway, one of the main arteries through Sydney’s inner-west, with thousands of people blocking traffic.

By the time the crowd reached George Street, a brawl broke out.

Some protesters brought their children, while few people were wearing face masks at the unauthorised event, which started at Victoria Park in Camperdown.

NSW Police received an application for the protest, which was rejected.

Read the full story.

50,000 additional doses of Pfizer to be sent to NSW

Roughly 50,000 additional Pfizer doses are set to land in Sydneythis coming week, in response to New South Wales’ request for more Pfizer supplies.

The doses will not be taken from allocations already made to the other states and territories, after that request from NSW was flatly rejected yesterday.

Instead, the doses will come from a small federal contingency of Pfizer doses.

It is expected they will arrive in New South Wales by the end of next week, and will be distributed through state vaccine clinics.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard was asked about reports of additional doses bound for Sydney earlier today, and said he was unaware of the additional allocations, but would welcome the offer.

Reporting by Tom Lowrey

More venues added to Victoria’s list of COVID-19 exposure sites

Could you please give a list of Victorian contact sites?

-Can’t find it 

Ask and ye shall receive, Can’t find it.

Victoria’s list of COVID-19 exposure sites now stands at more than 400 venues.

The LaCrosse Building at 673 La Trobe Street in Docklands is listed as a tier 2 exposure site for all day from July 16 to July 23.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said all residents of the apartment block were required to isolate immediately “until further notice”, while a pop-up testing clinic was being set up in the area.

Apartment complexes in Richmond, Hawthorn, Camberwell and Cremorne have also been listed for smaller windows.

No tier 1 sites have been added to the list since Prahran Market was added on Thursday.

You can find the full list right here.

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Protesters and police clash during anti-lockdown protest in Sydney

Missed those updates from NSW, SA and Victoria? Here’s what you need to know

If you’d like to watch the press conferences back in full, visit the ‘key events’ section at the top of the page.

There was a bit happening there, so let’s take a look back at some of the main announcements.

New South Wales

  • The state recorded 163 new infections — 45 of those were infectious in the community and another 26 people were in isolation for only part of their infectious period
  • Police issued 246 penalty infringement notices to people breaching COVID public health orders yesterday

Catch up here.

South Australia

  • South Australia recorded one new case of COVID-19 linked to other cases at a winery north-east of Adelaide
  • SA Premier Steven Marshall said the state was still “on track to come out of lockdown” as scheduled on Tuesday.

Catch up here.


  • Victoria recorded 12 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19, ten of whom were in quarantine for their infectious period
  • Health Minister Martin Foley said the two were only active in the community for “less than a day”

Catch up here.

VIC: Extreme risk zone declaration ‘very strict’

Professor Sutton says authorities have been clear that those who leave the state may be subject to potential border changes.

“This is not a change for NSW, because we said we’d need to do a pause for Victorian residents coming back to Victoria from red zones,” he said.

“What it effectively does is allows that right of return for people in South Australia, ACT, Norfolk Island going forward, because they remain as red zones, but that default right of return for Victorian residents is able to be put into effect.”

Play Video. Duration: 31 seconds
Anti-lockdown protests are currently taking place in Sydney.

VIC: Wastewater testing finds ‘strong new detection’ in Glenroy area

The suburbs within that testing area include Glenroy, Hadfield, Oak Park and Pascoe Vale.

Professor Sutton says some red-zone permit holders have returned to these suburbs.

“And the virus may have returned with them, so we’re asking everyone that they all need to keep getting tested right across Victoria,” he said.

“But if you’re symptomatic and in those particular post codes, we absolutely encourage you to get tested.”

VIC: Residents of LaCrosse building at Docklands must isolate immediately

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton says residents have already been notified.

“They’ll be contacted throughout the day to give them time to attend a pop-up testing clinic, set up to perform testing for residents of the building,” he said.

“After testing, residents must continue to self-quarantine until further advice is issued.”

ACT records zero new cases

VIC: There are now more than 22,700 primary close contacts 

Mr Foley has thanked those residents for “doing the hard yards of behalf of us all”.

More than 400 exposure sites have been identified across the state.

VIC: Where are the new cases from?

Mr Foley is providing a breakdown of where those 12 new locally acquired cases have come from:

  • AAMI park: five cases (one social contact of previous case, four household contacts of previous case)
  • Ms Frankie: three cases (one patron, two household contacts of staff member)
  • Burnley apartment complex: Two cases (two residents who live on the same floor as a previous case)
  • Bacchus Marsh Grammar: One case (student)
  • Young and Jackson: One case (household contact of previous case)

VIC: Two cases active in the community for ‘less than a day’

As we heard earlier this morning, 10 of the 12 cases were in quarantine throughout their entire infectious period.

Mr Foley says the two cases who were not in quarantine were only active in the community for “less than a day”.

A small number of retail sites in Camberwell, Hawthorn and Newport have been listed as exposure sites.

VIC: 159 cases over 12 days of outbreak

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley is listing off a few fast facts now.

He says all 159 cases recorded over the past 12 days of the outbreak are the Delta variant and linked to the “NSW incursion”.

Ten people are currently in hospital — three in ICU, one of whom is on ventilation.

SA: ‘We just can’t possibly be sending our vaccines to another state’

Mr Marshall was asked about NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard’s earlier comments, where he said the state had been “seemingly cast aside”.

While noting he hasn’t seen those comments yet, Mr Marshall said: “I don’t think this is an issue that should devolve down into political point scoring”.

“We just can’t possibly be sending our vaccines to another state,” he said.

“We’ve got to protect our population, and we’ll be doing precisely that.”

If you’re still hungry for COVID news, take a look back at some of today’s main events:

Charting the jab: Vaccinations finally reach one million doses a week

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