There are no strangers in here
This is a world where you will find kindness

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Yes, we tell Jokes we hear around the tracks of cyber to keep things light and to compete against all those intense bloggers getting to serious. 😁

All kinds of News around the World

Broken Soul is a must read the section on Mydaz.blog 
Every day we all meet someone, or maybe you needs to hear real-life time happenings
Keep up to date with ongoing stories 

Life was never meant to be a life of roses

It’s how you handle the outcome

That’s important

Are there solutions? 

Only if you stop long enough to smell the roses


Take time to see the beauty in your own rose asleep beside you 


3 thoughts on “HELLO EARTH 🌞☀😕😩😞”

  1. response to Queensland Fires not to this blog. Was blocked from posting on queensland fires.
    These fires may be created by DEW, microwave and laser technology by the Rothchilds. A DEW is a system using a beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy (including but not limited to lasers and high power microwave systems), or atomic or subatomic particles primarily as a direct means to kill, injure, disable, or temporarily incapacitate people or destroy, damage, or temporarily incapacitate property or materiel.
    Acoustic weapons use sound across the entire frequency spectrum to kill, injure, disable, or temporarily incapacitate people. Acoustic weapons, although outside the Joint definition of DEW, have effects and hazards more similar to DEW than to conventional weapons.
    There is overwhelming evidence that such weapons are being used against California by the Khazarians. This is not done by govt of United States but by Rothchild globalists. Not only that, whistleblower Deborah Tavares is providing evidence that blames these attacks on the Rothschild family and their company Pacific Gas & Electric.This is what happened in California. Also set off smart meters in California. Homes burned down and people were burned to death in their cars, metal melted. Not usual California wildfires. Debbie Taveras and Ben Fulford posts. There are similar tubes of fire from sky (satellites) shown of your fires in US.



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