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The one thing you can always control is your attitude. “Am I going to live this day sour, discouraged, with a chip on my shoulder, or am I going to live in faith, hopeful, kind, happy, seeing the best”? This is a decision we have to make each day. If you’re going to have a good attitude, you’re going to have to do it on purpose because all kinds of negative things will try to creep in: discouragement, self-pity, bitterness. If you’re not proactive, if you don’t choose to have the right attitude, then the wrong attitude will show up!


God Knows Best

Amen Have Faith in the Lord 🙏

Ace says ……Its time for love with the lady of your ❤️ & soul-mate forevermore …..Amen

Hello my Friends, Followers & Readers it time for there’s more ….so firstly this time its about those people looking for the perfect mate like God brought to Adam by creating him in heaven …but there’s more ….

‘Adam & His Mate Named By God In Heaven’

So on Earth as it is in Heaven begins the story of God knowing us before we are born and then we we come down to Earth in a family he has chosen and there is born a little girl or boy and God names them …but there’s more ……

‘Little Girl Full Of The Love Of God’

So we have one male child just like Jesus and one female child like Mary and God named them in Heaven before we were born and his plan is too one day bring those two together as one but there’s more …..

‘Little Boy Full Of The Love Of God’

He gives them a name in Heaven before and thats their spiritual name know one but God knows that name and as we are born on Earth we are named by our family and for years after we will walk the Earth learning from all he wants to teach us …..including ‘Right from Wrong’ until he is ready for us to be moved from one side of the world to the other ….such as the U.K. to Australia to meet the one he named in Heaven and the other side of our 💔 and before we were born on Earth but there’s more ……

It has been God that has guided us all the days of our life to walk his path be it ‘Good OR Bad’ to gain the knowledge of the world and to learn greater ‘Wisdom’ of the life we had before we met that girl and as God had made us in Heaven before we were born and we were made in his image and both male and female we were both sides a ❤️ and had travelled different paths but only God knows us from the ‘Second’ we á were through to be named in Heaven as Jesus & Mary’s ❤️and we would day meet upon a beach somewhere and walk hand in hand forevermore but there’s more ……

‘Walking Hand In Hand On The Sand’

Now this is ‘Love Story’ of two that have not met so far as God is in the process of finalising their ❤️ so when the sides of this come together it will be forevermore but there’s more ……

As was predicted Jesus returns for his bride ….

So across….. Social Media, Kindness, News & More and who is this lady Mary this mans paramour well she is really special and a lady beyond compare and all this man called Jesus is waiting is for God to move him near and as that day approaches his feelings in his ❤️ grow more full of passion and love for his soul mate evermore …..but then this ‘Love Story’ was written by God in the beginning and when that day approaches it will end as it had started with a marriage made in Heaven and they will then be married for ever and evermore …..but there’s more ……

‘ Bride Waiting For Her Man To Arrive’
‘Her Man Kneels Before His Lady Mary’

So NOW l hear you asking who is this mans paramour well that my friends, followers & readers will be revealed one day when God is GOOD and READY to bring these two together and as he named them both in Heaven …male and female so long ago and when they intertwine in their loving embrace it will be as if they know each other as God intended for that night and then finally that missing piece in both those God named is brought together in a place to name the Queen of his ❤️ and she will be there waiting for the day her man arrives and those two God had chosen are brought together once more ……..

‘Finally They Are Married Before God Forevermore’

Until the next time my Friends, Followers & Readers and there will be more as l know you are now interested in who the lady Mary of his ❤️ is and who did God choose for Jesus to be married forevermore …….Amen God Bless You In Your Search For The Perfect One 🙏’s

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Someone out there wants precisely the kind of person you are, complete with all the flaws and failings you come with.

Our most significant insight comes from the failure of the feeling of those shortcomings we believe that we are.

Someday, somewhere invariably, we find ourselves, and that and only that can be the happiest or bitterness hour of our life.

The most important thing is never to be surprised to take an alternative.

Don’t quit before the miracle right in front of you is shining ✨

Have a blessed and amazing experience.

Share this with someone you cherish.

Ben H. English


THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO: “They call it Tule Spring, though it sits closer to the southwestern reaches of Burro Mesa than Tule Mountain itself. Furthermore, there appears to be more than one spring and last time I ventured to this spot all of them were flowing. Each comes out of ground pockmarked by small copses of stunted mesquite, drifting down and joining together at a fairly large pond formed by an old earthen dike. There used to be fairly large cottonwoods present, but not anymore.”…–‘Out There: Essays on the Lower Big Bend’So begins the first paragraph in my most recent book, describing Tule Spring some years back. I was here again last week, showing the spot to Randy de la Fuente and Randy Carnes, guides for Far Flung Outdoor Center. While prowling around one of the ruins I took this photograph, and thought I would share.Funny how the lasting remnants of the past can make one feel most alive in the present.God bless to all,BenBen H. EnglishAlpine, TexasUSMC: 1976-1983THP: 1986-2008Author of ‘Yonderings’ (TCU Press)‘Destiny’s Way’ (Creative Texts Publishers)‘Out There: Essays on the Lower Big Bend’ (Creative Texts Publishers) Facebook: Ben H. EnglishWebpage:‘Graying but still game’Museum of the Big BendBig Bend SaddleryCreative Texts PublishersCrockett County Public LibraryMedina Community LibraryThe Twig Book Shop Old Town BooksThe Boerne BookshopMarta Powell StaffordLone Star Literary LifeHistoric Fort StocktonTumbleweed SmithAlpine Radio – TexasAlpine AvalancheFar Flung Outdoor CenterRandy De La FuenteRandy Carnes


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(PALESTINE) FEATURED: Thousands of unregistered citizens fear deportation as one story of a mother of a 6yr-old-child confirms after 23yrs she is unable to obtain a residency ID with many others fearing #COVID19 and obtaining vaccines after Israeli citizens have received the jab #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.03: In 1997, the couple decided to settle down in Palestine, after Anna had received an Israeli permit to enter the country. While her husband at the time did not have a Palestinian ID, he managed to obtain one in 2005, as did their six children:

Living in Fear in Israel: ‘Thousands of unregistered Palestinians fear deportation, separation from families: The fear of being deported constantly haunts 50-year-old Anna Morales. For the 23 years that she has lived in Palestine, the mother-of-six has been unable to obtain a residency ID even though she is an American woman who met and wed her late husband, Mohammad al-Mashni, in the United States’

The Palestinians have received around 32,000 vaccine doses to date, for the 5.2 million people who live in the West Bank and Gaza: Israel will administer COVID-19 vaccines to Palestinians who work in Israel or in its settlements in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli liaison office COGAT said on Sunday and the vaccination campaign, which could apply to around 130,000 Palestinians, will begin within days, COGAT said:
Reuters Wire News, [Feb 28, 2021 at 4:02 PM]

Israel to vaccinate Palestinian labourers against #COVID19 Shaher Saad, secretary-general of the Palestinian Workers’ Union, said thousands of Palestinians who work in the Israeli service and industrial sectors had already been vaccinated privately by their employers inside Israel.

He said that under the new Israeli programme, Palestinian medical teams would be stationed at checkpoints to administer shots. Moderna Inc’s vaccine will be used, COGAT said: Israel has given at least one dose of Pfizer Inc’s COVID-19 vaccine to more than half of its 9.3 million population, including Palestinians in East Jerusalem:

But it has come under international criticism for not doing more to enable vaccination of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel captured the territories in the 1967 war. It quit Gaza in 2005, which is now under Islamist Hamas rule, but maintains a clampdown on the enclave’s borders with Egypt’s support.

Middle Eastern Monitor reports …….I live in constant fear. Fear of being deported, fear of being distanced from my children, fear of having to leave them here on their own’

– Anna Morales

Anna’s application, however, was rejected, and she continues to remain in Palestine illegally, according to Israeli law. 

Anna lives with her children in the village of Surda, near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. Her husband passed away in 2015, leaving her worried about her children and their future. 

She does not leave the village except on very rare occasions, and she never leaves the Ramallah governorate, for fear of crossing Israeli checkpoints which require identification to pass through. 

“I live in constant fear. Fear of being deported, fear of being distanced from my children, fear of having to leave them here on their own,” Anna told Middle East Eye. 

Not only is Anna unable to leave Ramallah, but she has also been unable to travel abroad since she arrived.

“My mother passed away without me seeing her and bidding her farewell. My brothers got married and had children, and we have not been together for all these years,” she continued. 

Anna said that while it was true that she could move to the US with her children, “we love Palestine and are loyal to it, and we refuse to leave it without being able to return. That is why I am still here today, suffering from being unable to get an ID”.

‘They destroyed our dreams’: Israel’s bulldozers target Palestinian women farmers Read More »

She received in 2020 a decision from Israeli courts ruling for her deportation, citing her illegal presence in Palestine for 23 years. Anna and her lawyers managed to freeze the deportation order temporarily. 

“All Palestinians live in a large prison that Israel constructed. We who do not carry IDs and those that are at risk of deportation live in a double prison,” she said. 

Anna is one of the thousands who live in Palestine awaiting ID numbers, which Israel refuses to grant after it froze the process of “family unification” and family visits at the outbreak of the al-Aqsa Intifada, or Second Intifada, in 2000. 

Prior to that, Israel granted IDs based on complex procedures that took many years, while refusing many applications, including under security pretexts. 

The last batch of IDs it granted was in 2009, while extending the family unification ban in 2020 for another year. 

‘We want the ID’

Despite the risks they face for speaking to the media and raising their voices on the issue, a group of women has begun breaking their silence by launching a movement called “Family Reunification is My Right.” They have been active on social media and in organising protests. 

In front of the Palestinian General Authority for Civil Affairs in Ramallah, the institution responsible for pushing on this issue and following up with Israeli authorities, activists chanted: “We want the ID, we want the ID.” 

The women’s arrival in Ramallah from various areas and towns involved much personal risk. 

protest IDs
Anna Morales with her children, taking part in a protest at the Palestinian General Authority for Civil Affairs in Ramallah, 21 February 2021 (MEE/Shatha Hammad)

Nour Hijaji, a 42-year-old woman originally from Tunisia, travelled to the Ramallah protest from her village of Mas-ha near the city of Salfit in the northern West Bank, to call for approval for the family unification request she submitted 13 years ago. 

She told MEE that five years after she had applied for family reunification, she travelled to Palestine in 2013 after obtaining a permit valid for one month only.

“The wait was long that I expected that my presence in Palestine would work to move the file along and to get a response, but nothing happened,” she said. 

Israel split my family in two: Read More »

During her time in the West Bank, Nour became a mother to four children, who all have Palestinian IDs. She moves at her own risk and does not leave Mas-ha except for urgent matters, making her unable to take her children out to other areas, whether for family, leisure or other reasons. 

She told MEE that her existence left her devoid of many key rights and benefits, the most important of which were health insurance, driving a vehicle or travelling to other areas of Palestine or abroad.

“The biggest obstacle we have is that we cannot move. I have not visited [other cities] such as Bethlehem or Hebron. That has become a dream for me.”

She added: “We all came today to Ramallah to deliver our message to officials, in particular those who negotiate with Israel. We are asking why many other issues are being resolved, while the family reunification file is not being raised or talked about.” 

Splitting Palestinian families 

Israel’s freeze on family reunification affects not only those who moved here with their Palestinian spouses from abroad, but also descendants of Palestinian refugees, Palestinians living in either Gaza or the West Bank who marry each other, and Palestinian Jerusalemites who marry individuals from either of those areas.

Israel’s control over the Palestinian population registry effectively means that it can decide to whom status gets granted in Palestine, who they are allowed to marry and where the couple is allowed to live. 

Under the 1993 Oslo Accords, the West Bank and Gaza Strip constitute a single territorial entity whereby residents and families should naturally have the right to move and live between them. However, Israel’s restrictions mean that families split between the two areas can only visit one another in exceptional “humanitarian” cases, and they cannot move or change addresses to either one. 

Official figures on the number of pending family unification cases are scarce and difficult to obtain, but are estimated at tens of thousands. According to a joint report by Israeli rights groups, between 2000 and 2006, there were at least 120,000 requests for family unification – which Israel has refused to process, except in a handful of cases. 

‘Where will my children go if they deport them? Jordan won’t accept them, nor will any other country because they have no other documentation’

– Ramzi Abedrabbo

Imad Qaraqra, public relations officer at the Palestinian General Authority for Civil Affairs, said that it considered the issue of family unification to be one of its top priorities.

“We do not know when Israel can give approval on this file, but we are demanding it as one of our rights,” he told MEE. 

He added that between 2007-2009, before Israel completely halted the procedure, the PA was able to obtain approval for approximately 52,000 applications for family unification.

The director of the Centre for Defence of Liberties and Civil Rights, Helmy al-Araj, told MEE that depriving Palestinian families of living together and rejecting their right to citizenship and status was a form of Israeli collective punishment.

He said that this practice constituted a war crime, violating several treaties including the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. 

Individuals deprived of an ID, he said, live in a state of house arrest and cannot exercise their basic right to movement, in fear of deportation, which is an “infringement on their basic civil rights”. 

Al-Araj said that Israel was using this humanitarian issue to pressure and blackmail the PA. For example, he said, after the PA announced the suspension of security coordination with Israel last year, the latter refused to register dozens of newborns, all of whom were banned from leaving the country. 

Ramzi Abedrabbo, 57, is a Palestinian refugee originally from Gaza. He met his wife, a Palestinian from the West Bank, in Jordan where he was living. After having six children in Jordan, the family moved to the West Bank in 2000.

Ramzi Abedrabbo (MEE/Shatha Hammad)

Abedrabbo and three of his children obtained IDs in response to the family unification request his wife submitted, while the applications from the other three have been left unanswered, making them vulnerable to deportation at any time. 

One of his unregistered children, his daughter, is married and a mother to four children, he said. 

Ramzi, who suffers from hemiparesis, attended the protest in Ramallah from the village of al-Ram near Jerusalem. He brought all the documents that prove his legal presence in Palestine that should be passed on to his children. 

Speaking to MEE, Ramzi said: “Where will my children go if they deport them? Jordan won’t accept them, nor will any other country because they have no other documentation.” 

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(UKRAINE) JUST IN: The former commander of the People’s Militia of Donbass, Igor Bezler, who is also called a retired lieutenant colonel of the GRU by the Security Service is suing Bellingcat in St. Petersburg, demanding that all mentions of his name be removed from its investigations’ #AceNewsDesk report

GOD BLESS Ukraine 😇

#AceNewsReport – Mar.03: And at the end of last year, an application was submitted to the Investigative Committee of Russia to initiate a criminal case against Roman Dobrokhotov, who heads The Insider, a permanent co-author and media partner of Bellingcat in Russia:

‘In the Netherlands, there is a trial in the case of the Boeing crash near Donetsk. Who is being tried, what exactly is it accused of – and what is Russia responsible for?

And the Insider claims that the applicant Max van der Werff is also associated with the Main Directorate of the Russian General Staff. Lilia Yapparova, a special correspondent of Meduza, has learned what caused these actions of the complainants and what they can actually achieve’

Just shot down a plane. Smokes 

On July 20, 2014, Ukrainian troops launched an offensive on Horlivka, a large city just 50 kilometers from Donetsk, the capture of which opened the way right into the heart of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass.

The Ukrainian military was preparing to recapture Donetsk and Lugansk all summer – the people of Igor Bezler, also known as “Bes”, were holding back the advance of the Ukrainian troops. By July, the commander of the local militia – or, according  to the SBU, a former lieutenant colonel of the GRU who traveled to Donbass on the instructions of Russian military intelligence – was in control of Gorlovka and several neighboring towns. 

Four days before the start of the siege of Gorlovka, Bezler gave his first interview. RIA Novosti journalists found the commandant drinking their morning coffee – he was having breakfast on the street, continuing to distribute orders from the threshold of the former building of the Gorlovka militia; there was also a farewell ceremony for one of the dead soldiers. “The militia’s wife and his two young sons … are crying over the coffin,” the reporter added a remark after one of Bezler’s answers.

Bezler is asked how many Ukrainian planes were shot down by the Gorlovka militia, which had its own artillery. “Four,” the commandant replies without hesitation . And he explains that after each hit on the crash site, a group is sent to look for the ejected Ukrainian pilots: “We posted photos of pilot parachutes. We found six of them. “

The very next day, July 17, 2014, near Gorlovka, the fifth plane was shot down. According to the SBU, two minutes before the disaster, Bezler will receive a call from his subordinate Valery Stelmakh. The “demon” will pick up the phone for just a few seconds, distracting from another conversation.

Stelmakh – you can hear this in the  recording of the conversation that the SBU was listening to – breathes heavily and noisily. “The bird has flown to you,” he says excitedly. Bezler busily clarifies: did Stelmakh see a simple reconnaissance plane or a combat plane? “Not visible behind the clouds: very strong,” the subordinate replies. “Everything, I understood, I accepted,” the “Demon” calms down and orders to pass the report further along the chain: “Announce upward.”

In just 20 minutes, it follows from the wiretaps of the Ukrainian special services, Bezler will call himself – a man with a Russian phone number, whom the SBU identified as an officer of the GRU Vasily Geranin. “Just shot down a plane. <…> I fell for Yenakiyevo, ”Bezler reports and says a little muffled:“ It’s smoking … ”Advertising

In the interval between these two calls, it was not a Ukrainian military plane that crashed in the skies over Donbass, but a Malaysia Airlines passenger liner on flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 people on board were killed.

In March 2020, a trial in the case of the downed Boeing began in the Netherlands . In Moscow, it was immediately called a “politicized trial”: the international investigation claims that the airliner was shot down from the territory of the militia and from the Russian Buk-M1 missile launcher.

Bellingcat journalists were the first to say that the anti-aircraft missile that shot down the plane was fired from a Buk missile launcher – it was their analysis that attracted the attention of Dutch investigators studying the circumstances of the crash. Since then, the Russian Ministry of Defense has called the Bellingcat team “fake generators” , their reports are based on “pseudo- hypotheses ,   and also claims that the group’s investigations are traceable to the “handwriting of the SBU.”

We stated in Bellingcat and that Igor Bezler allowed anti-aircraft guns to pass through its territory. “In Gorlovka, Yenakiyevo and their environs, hedgehogs weren’t taken to the toilet without my permission. And then the commission tells tales that someone was carrying a Buk, ” Bezler laughed in his social networks at the conclusions of the journalists and the international investigation.

But at the end of 2020, he suddenly sued Bellingcat.

” White and fluffy citizen “

Bezler’s lawsuit is being considered in the Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg. The plaintiff demands from Bellingcat to refute the publications , which are based on the communications of the brigade commander intercepted by the SBU about the “bird” flying high above the clouds. In these articles, the lieutenant colonel is called only an “important witness” of the catastrophe, but they  note that it was his subordinates who could report the passenger liner to the Russian military, mistaking it for a Ukrainian military board.

Igor Bezler is not among the accused in the case of the downed Boeing, which continues in the Netherlands. He has previously testified to the International Joint Investigation Team (JIT) as part of the investigation of this case; both said the charges representative, the investigation has decided that the role of Igor Bezler in MH17 was “not the key.”

Nevertheless, the plaintiff insists that Bellingcat “misinterpreted” his phone calls and “directly identified” the brigade commander as the person involved in the plane crash (the list of examples from the text of the articles takes three dozen pages). Therefore, every mention of Bezler by journalists “a priori is discrediting” (in total, the lawyers calculated, the name of the brigade commander appears 140 times in the texts). The retired officer demands that journalists remove all these references to him – and, given his “extreme moral suffering”, pay him half a million rubles in compensation.

The former commander of one of the largest rebel groups is positioned in the lawsuit as a man without a past, “an absolutely white and fluffy citizen without any background in Donbass, about whom they suddenly wrote nasty things on the Internet,” Sarkis Darbinyan, who heads the defense Bellingcat in a Russian court.

“We are not ready to remove Bezler’s name from our publications,” Bellingcat told Meduza.MORE ABOUT THE POSITIONS OF THE PARTIES

The task of the plaintiff in this process is to obtain a court decision, Sarkis Darbinyan is convinced, and to do it as soon as possible. This task, the lawyer believes, was set by the Russian military intelligence, intending to block Bellingcat in Russia.

“The entire site is under threat if Bellingcat refuses to remove and publish a retraction: Roskomnadzor has the right to blacklist and block the site throughout the country,” the lawyer said. – But, perhaps, there is also a more global task to whitewash the reputation of special services in the Russian media space: if Bellingcat’s investigation of Boeing suddenly turns out to be a “lie”, then, of course, other high-profile publications about the GRU, and even the investigation into Navalny,  are “lies” “.

“We do not know if there are any intentions to censor our website, but we have been the target of Russian government measures for several years – including we were subjected to a hacker attack by the GRU and a disinformation campaign,” Bellingcat told Meduza. “We regard the lawsuit filed against us [in Russia] as just a new link in this chain of attacks.”HOW IS BEZLER RELATED TO THE GRU?

“The claims of I. N. Bezler are contained in the statement of claim,” the Ivanyan & Partners law firm, which represents Bezler’s interests in the St. Petersburg court, told Meduza about the intention to seek blocking of the site in Russia. “We proceed from the assumption that Bellingcat will voluntarily comply with the decision of the Russian court if it is made in favor of our client.”

The Oktyabrsky District Court, where the case is being heard, is known for its blocking sentences , adds Darbinyan (a lawyer specializing in cyber law). “It’s like Basmanny in Moscow. One of the harshest St. Petersburg courts, which is known for many sentences in political cases, ”says the lawyer.

“I don’t give interviews, sorry,” Bezler answered to Meduza’s correspondent when asked about the reasons for filing the lawsuit and his possible connection with the GRU. – I don’t give an interview – should I repeat it in what language? I can speak German. ” 

Bellingcat vs. GRU 

Bezler himself does not appear at the trial. But at a meeting on February 25, its representatives suddenly demanded that Bellingcat’s lawyers provide them with the home address of the authors of the investigation. “Moreover, we have not been able to find out why they need it,” says Bellingcat spokesman Fyodor Kravchenko. – Do they want the author to be attracted as a defendant, a third party? Should I send him some kind of letter? “

For the fourth year in a row, Bellingcat has named active GRU officers involved in some of the most ambitious military intelligence operations abroad, from assassinations in London to coups in the Balkans.

The General Staff has probably never encountered such a series of revelations. In 2017, Bellingcat and their media partner The Insider talked about the failure of the GRU special operation in Montenegro, where the secret service tried to organize a coup – and since then have exposed several dozen officers involved in assassination attempts and disasters around the world: from  organizing the transfer of the Buk in the Donbass before  attempts to poison the Bulgarian arms supplier Yemelyan Gebrev and the former British spy Sergei Skripal with Novichok. READ ALSO

What is GRU? Who is the spy? And why are they revealed so often? Daniil Turovsky answers key questions about Russian intelligence

2 years ago

Until the fall of 2020, Russian military intelligence did not try to confront journalists in court. But in October and November – with a difference of a month – the journalists learned at once about two cases being prepared against them in Russia.

The second complaint was filed against Roman Dobrokhotov, head of The Insider, a regular co-author and media partner of Bellingcat in Russia. The applicant, Dutch blogger Max van der Werff, is also associated with the GRU, according to The Insider.

In 2019, van der Werff teamed up with a former RT employee Yana Yerlashova, founding the Bonanza Media media project, which promoted versions of Moscow’s innocence in the plane crash in eastern Ukraine. Journalists sent drafts of their articles for approval to GRU Colonel Sergei Chebanov, The Insider found out , – in response, he sometimes sent edits that ” intensified criticism of Bellingcat.”

Van der Werff also wanted to refute information about his tacit cooperation with the Main Directorate of the General Staff through the court – this was announced on November 23, 2020 by his lawyer Stalina Gurevich. And two months later, Gurevich asked the  Investigative Committee to open a criminal case – from the statement it follows that the lawyer intends to protect the interests of not only the Dutch blogger, but also unnamed “persons from among the GRU employees” whom Roman Dobrokhotov defamed “in the eyes of Western partners.” “[In the UK] while [the Dutchman’s statement] is being checked,” Gurevich clarified in a conversation with Meduza. (The UK did not respond to the request.)

The lawyer regularly calls for legal action via Twitter. Some of the posts are accompanied by photographs of Shelechka, the lawyer’s favorite cat – in the photographs she is “guarding the set of documents in the claim.” True, much more often Gurevich threatens the Investigative Committee with appealing to the Foreign Ministry if the case is not finally opened, or suggests that the investigation also study The Insider’s publications about the FSB’s work. “On her social networks, she constantly tells how much she loves the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” Dobrokhotov marveled.WHO IS STALINA GUREVICH?

Van der Werff and Gurevich met and even agreed to file a lawsuit directly on Twitter, Dobrokhotov drew attention. He does not exclude that it was a staging – but in fact, the GRU is behind the attempt to prosecute him.

“With Stalin Gurevich they live in different worlds, he could not know her. Apparently, his comrades from above simply advised him: “Write to her – then we will continue,” the journalist argues. – Despite the fact that our publication with Bellingcat was also published in English and caused him a lot of problems in Holland, he did not file a lawsuit at home. And he found fault with my Russian-speaking – and he does not know Russian – tweet that ‘the GRU paid for the journalists.’ 

“It is clear that the gereushniki themselves cannot appeal against anything here – it will be ugly. But if a foreign journalist sues, then he is simply “defending his honor and dignity,” says Dobrokhotov. “Most likely, Bellingcat and I have the same story: the police are trying to resist through the courts.”

Van der Werff’s intention to sue has nothing to do with the GRU, like the Dutchman himself, Stalina Gurevich told Meduza. “Mr. Dobrokhotov talks too much. And if he makes such a statement [about the connection of the complaint with the special services], he will receive another lawsuit, ”the lawyer threatened. “And one more statement – from me personally, because I am an absolutely independent person: no one supervises me”.

The Defense Ministry did not answer Meduza’s question whether the Bonanza Media journalists collaborated with the GRU and whether military intelligence officers were involved in the preparation of van der Werff’s lawsuit.

Lawyers for liquidators and not only

Igor Bezler is represented in the St. Petersburg court by the Ivanyan & Partners law firm, an unexpectedly expensive law firm for a retired Russian lieutenant colonel. “He probably sold the car to hire them,” says a lawyer familiar with the prices. “In Russia, such a representative office under Article 152 [of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation] can cost up to three million rubles.” 

The former commandant of Gorlovka is defended by three lawyers of the bureau at once – including Sergei Kabanov, who represented companies from the nuclear and oil industries in billions of dollars in disputes, and senior partner Sergei Chuprygin. Sarkis Darbinyan believes that the impressive composition of lawyers is explained by the fact that lawyers defend in the St. Petersburg district court the interests not so much of Bezler himself, but of the Russian special services themselves.

Ivanyan & Partners has repeatedly taken on the most delicate assignments and processes that are strategically important for Russia, both within the country and abroad. WHO ARE IVANYAN AND PARTNERS

Bezler was preparing a lawsuit against Bellingcat together with the military, Bellingcat believes. In July 2020, Bezler sent an email to senior GRU officer Andrei Ilchenko, “coordinating a disinformation campaign on Flight MH17 on behalf of military intelligence,” Bellingcat said in response to Meduza’s inquiry. “Attached to the letters were Bezler’s testimony, which he gave to an international investigation team studying the circumstances of the disaster – and the copy was a lawyer from the Ivanyan & Partners bureau, which now represents Bezler in [Russian] court,” Bellingcat said. 

Ivanyan & Partners is not involved in the downed Boeing case, the bureau told Meduza. But in the forty-page lawsuit of Bezler, prepared by lawyers, there are references to his testimony to the representatives of the investigation on flight MH17, Bellingcat notes.

Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins co-defends Igor Bezler's lawsuit
Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins co-defends Igor Bezler’s lawsuitPiroschka van de Wouw / ANP / AFP / Scanpix / LETA

We also studied Ilchenko’s telephone billing at Bellingcat. “He called the Ivanyan & Partners bureau several times before finally calling Bezler, and a few hours later Bezler sent the materials to Ilchenko and the lawyer. This sequence of negotiations suggests that the [Petersburg] lawsuit against us was coordinated between Bezler and senior GRU officers, ”says a Bellingcat spokesman.

Ilchenko’s correspondence and bills were investigated by Bellingcat prior to receiving a lawsuit from Bezler and as part of an independent investigation, the journalists emphasize. And the officer’s e-mail box “was hacked and posted on the network … by a group calling itself the Black Mirror,” Bellingcat claims (leaks of the contents of the emails of Russian officials regularly appear on the  telegram channel of this hacker collective).

A completely different version of events is described to Meduza by Ivanyan & Partners: Bezler’s correspondence with the bureau’s lawyers, according to the law firm, was obtained by Bellingсat not from open sources, but as a result of a deliberate hacker attack. “I. N. Bezler’s mail was hacked in October 2020, just a few days after Bellingcat was served in the UK by I. N. Bezler. Since the filing of this lawsuit, several powerful attacks have been launched against the mail servers of the law firm – for the first time in 16 years of our work, ”the office told Meduza.

In mid-December 2020, Bezler demanded that the investigators immediately stop using information from the correspondence, “and also disclose the content of materials that fell into the hands of Bellingcat after the hacking of his mail.” “Bellingcat has so far left this appeal unanswered,” the Ivanyan & Partners bureau says.

“Bellingcat does not carry out hacker attacks,” the group told Meduza.

Ivanyan & Partners rejects the assumption that the lawsuit filed in St. Petersburg may be overseen by Russian military intelligence. “Our client is I. N. Bezler, he himself ‘supervises’ our work,” they say in the law firm.

The Defense Ministry did not answer Meduza’s question whether Bezler represents the interests of the GRU in this process.

Having received a decision in Russia, go to a Dutch court

Lawyers interviewed by Meduza say that Ivanyan & Partners is known primarily for its international practice.

“We have encountered them in some cross-border cases – and they command nothing but respect,” says Meduza’s interlocutor in the legal services market. “This is one of literally 3-4 Russian teams that independently conduct civil cases in foreign jurisdictions – and I would call Ivanyan and Partners the first.”

Bezler’s defenders also have a specialist in international dispute resolution. “Now they will receive the decision of the Russian court – and will apply with it to the jurisdictions in which Bellingcat operates,” the Russian lawyer does not doubt the reasons for this coincidence. – And what, deserving respect legal position: no one goes anywhere with a bottle of poison, but, on the contrary, goes to court.

Blogger Max van der Werff, who, as Bellingcat and The Insider wrote , with the GRU, also reported on Bezler’s intentions to sue abroad . “The legal proceedings will begin in the Russian court, and then in the courts of Great Britain and / or the Netherlands,” the Dutchman said on his Twitter account .

Roman Dobrokhotov also believes that the process in the St. Petersburg district court is only a preparation for claims in foreign jurisdictions. “Since Bezler’s lawyers have such international experience, the whole story is aimed at an international audience. Having received a decision in Russia, go to a Dutch court and demand that these publications be removed in the West. “

“And this piece of paper will be used to operate before all possible instances where the Boeing disaster will be considered,” says Maxim Madaminov, representing Bellingcat in St. Petersburg. “Perhaps they, both in Ukraine and in Holland, will begin to prosecute all persons who disseminated similar information with similar lawsuits,” Darbinyan, who defended the journalists, does not rule out.

Ivanyan & Partners did not answer Meduza’s question whether the bureau is preparing to file claims in the courts of the Netherlands, Great Britain or Ukraine. “We represent the interests of I. N. Bezler in the Russian trial against Bellingcat,” the law firm said. “Russian legislation allows us to protect the interests of Russian citizens from defamation, including against foreign defendants.”

It is the prospect of complaints abroad that can explain Bezler’s sudden move to St. Petersburg: as indicated in his claim, he is now registered in an apartment on Voznesensky Prospekt (which, according to the USRR extract, does not belong to him). At the same time , the press describes how the former militia leader and his wife are resting in Crimea, where the brigade commander even took up gardening (peaches, nectarines, persimmons). However, Bezler is suing Bellingcat as a Petersburg resident.

The retired military man registered in St. Petersburg as if only for the sake of the results of the consideration of his claim subsequently recognized abroad. “To all appearances, Bezler and, possibly, the GER team behind him understood that no one abroad would recognize the decision of the Crimean court,” Sarkis Darbinyan believes. “Therefore, he was urgently registered in St. Petersburg – and filed a statement of claim there”. For international proceedings, he will have to pay lawyers at least tens of thousands of dollars.

This legal procedure launched in a Russian court, says Darbinyan, “is probably connected with the desire to whitewash the reputation of the special services, which have been in a puddle many times lately.”

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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(UKRAINE) JUST IN: The former commander of the People’s Militia of Donbass, Igor Bezler, who is also called a retired lieutenant colonel of the GRU by the Security Service is suing Bellingcat in St. Petersburg, demanding that all mentions of his name be removed from its investigations’ #AceNewsDesk report

(MELBOURNE, Australia.) LATEST: The Cabinet Minister who is the focus of a historical rape allegation is likely to break his silence tomorrow according to ABC News today #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.03: Sources within the government say the man is likely to make a statement and take several questions from journalists:

‘Cabinet Minister at the centre of historical rape allegation to break silence but Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Minister “absolutely rejects” the sexual assault allegation, and insisted it was a matter for police’

updated 1h ago

File photo: Federal Parliament House (ABC Canberra)
The Cabinet Minister has sought advice from an eminent defamation lawyer.(ABC News)

It is understood he will not step down and will strongly deny any wrongdoing.

The Cabinet Minister has sought advice from eminent defamation lawyer Peter Bartlett, a partner at MinterEllison, who is very highly regarded within the industry.

The Minister’s statement was still being drafted on Tuesday night, and the government is hopeful his appearance will mark the end of the matter.

The sexual assault allegation has dominated national media attention and loomed large over the 16 men in the Coalition government’s Cabinet ever since an anonymous letter was sent to several members of Parliament last week.

It alleged a woman was raped when she was a teenager in 1988 by a man who is now a Minister in the federal government.

Earlier today, police in New South Wales announced their investigation into the matter was closed.

In a statement, they said the woman contacted officers in 2019 but did not detail her allegation in a formal statement before she took her own life last year.

Police sought legal advice after receiving a document “purportedly made by the woman” before she died.

However, they said there was “insufficient admissible evidence” to proceed.

Separately, police in South Australia have prepared a report into her death for the coroner.

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull had called for the Cabinet Minister to speak publicly, arguing it would be the best thing for the government and his colleagues.

“He knows who he is, everyone knows who he is, he may have known about these allegations for a long time,” Mr Turnbull said.

Several Liberals currently serving in the government have been torn about the best way forward.

Some worry the man will face trial by media and will be denied natural justice, while others recognise that the crisis, which comes after a fortnight of intense discussion about the workplace culture in Parliament House, has the potential to damage the standing of the Cabinet in the community.

Friends of the woman who made the historical allegation have urged Mr Morrison to hold an inquiry into the allegation, arguing there was always almost no likelihood of a criminal prosecution.

They believe it should be similar to the investigation commissioned by the High Court into allegations of sexual harassment against former Justice Dyson Heydon.

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(MYANMAR) FEATURED: Police opened fired on protesters during the bloodiest day in weeks of demonstrations against the recent military coup in the nation,on Sunday ahead of a court appearance by ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.03: At least 18 people were killed and several injured on Sunday, the UN human rights office said:

‘Australia condemns violence as at least 18 Myanmar protesters shot dead in police crackdown’

Throughout the day, in several locations throughout the country, police and military forces have confronted peaceful demonstrations, using lethal force and less-than-lethal force that — according to credible information received by the UN human rights office — has left at least 18 people dead and over 30 wounded,” the office said as Ms Suu Kyi was expected to appeared in court via video link on Monday (local time) facing charges of illegally importing six walkie-talkie radios.

Posted Yesterday at 6:35am, updated Yesterday at 11:27pm

Play Video. Duration: 44 seconds
18 deaths in Myanmar as police open fire at protestors

Myanmar has been in chaos since the Army seized power and detained elected leader Ms Suu Kyi and much of her party leadership on February 1, alleging fraud in a November election her party won in a landslide.

Armed soldiers in fatigues and face masks walk along a street with rifles pointed at the ground.
Soldiers joined police officers working to supress the demonstrations.(Reuters)

Her lawyer said police had filed a second charge of violating a Natural Disaster Management Law.

Australia’s Embassy in Myanmar said it was “deeply concerned by the recent loss of lives in Myanmar and extend our condolences to the bereaved families”.

“The escalating violence against peaceful protestors is unacceptable.

“We strongly urge Myanmar security forces to refrain from using lethal force against civilians,” it said in a post on Facebook.

An injured young man lying on the ground is given oxygen as he's surrounded by medical staff.
One person was killed and “more than a dozen” were injured in the southern town of Dawei.(Reuters)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned what he called “abhorrent violence” by Myanmar security forces in the latest deadly crackdown against protesters there.

“We stand firmly with the courageous people of Burma and encourage all countries to speak with one voice in support of their will,” Mr Blinken said.

Indonesia — which has taken the lead within the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in efforts to resolve the turmoil in Myanmar — said it was “deeply concerned” over the violence and urged restraint.

A woman of Asian descent is shown in a close up head shot
Ms Suu Kyi won Myanmar’s November election in a landslide.(AP: Peter DeJong/File)

‘Myanmar is like a battlefield’

The coup, which has brought to a halt the country’s tentative steps towards democracy after nearly 50 years of military rule, has drawn hundreds of thousands of protesters onto the streets.

“Myanmar is like a battlefield,” the Buddhist-majority nation’s first Catholic cardinal, Charles Maung Bo, said on Twitter.

Play Video. Duration: 27 seconds
At least 18 people are dead following the bloodiest day of Myanmar’s military crackdown.

Police reinforced by soldiers were out early on Sunday, opening fire in different parts of the biggest city of Yangon after stun grenades, tear gas and shots in the air failed to break up crowds.

Several injured people were hauled away by fellow protesters, leaving bloody smears on pavements, media images showed.

One man died after being brought to a hospital with a bullet in the chest, said a doctor who asked not to be identified.

A woman died of a suspected heart attack after police swooped to break up a Yangon teachers’ protest with stun grenades, her daughter and a colleague said.

A young man in blue denim shirt raises handcuffed hands above his head as police escort him on road.
The weekend has seen Myanmar police crack down on pro-democracy protesters.(Reuters)

Police also hurled stun grenades outside a Yangon medical school, sending doctors and students in white lab coats scattering.

A group called the Whitecoat Alliance of medics said more than 50 medical staff had been arrested.

The independent Assistance Association of Political Prisoners reported it was aware that about 1,000 people were detained Sunday, of whom they were able to identify 270.

That brought to 1,132 the total number of people the group has confirmed being arrested, charged or sentenced since the coup.

Human Rights Watch slams ‘unacceptable’ violence

Junta leader General Min Aung Hlaing said last week authorities were using minimal force to deal with the protests.

Nevertheless, at least 21 protesters have now died in the turmoil. The Army said a policeman had been killed.

A large group of protesters wear masks depicting Aung San Suu Kyi, as they flash three-finger salutes.
Protesters in Yangon flash the three-finger salutes to protest against the military coup.(Reuters)

State run MRTV television said more than 470 people had been arrested on Saturday when police launched the nationwide crackdown.

It was not clear how many were detained on Sunday.

Human Rights Watch has criticised the violence, calling it “unacceptable”.

“The Myanmar security forces’ clear escalation in use of lethal force in multiple towns and cities … is outrageous and unacceptable,” Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director of Human Rights Watch, said.

Youth activist Esther Ze Naw said people were battling to overcome the fear of the military they had lived with for so long.

“This fear will only grow if we keep living with it and the people who are creating the fear know that,” she said.

“It’s obvious they’re trying to instil fear in us by making us run and hide … we can’t accept that.”

A man in a gas mask wearing Asian sarong runs on street in haze on tear gas within a chaotic crowd.
Police in Yangon fired tear gas to break up a crowd of protesters.(Reuters)

Fired ambassador remains defiant

The police action came after state television announced Myanmar’s UN envoy had been fired for betraying the country by urging the United Nations to use “any means necessary” to reverse the coup.

The ambassador, Kyaw Moe Tun, remained defiant.

“I decided to fight back as long as I can,” he said in New York.

Play Video. Duration: 26 seconds
Myanmar’s UN envoy asks the international community to use ‘any means necessary’ to stop the military coup.

While Western countries have condemned the coup and some have imposed limited sanctions, Myanmar’s military generals have traditionally shrugged off diplomatic pressure.

They have promised to hold a new election but not set a date.

Ms Suu Kyi’s party and its supporters said the result of the November vote must be respected.

Ms Suu Kyi, 75, who spent nearly 15 years under house arrest, faces charges of illegally importing six walkie-talkie radios and of violating a natural disaster law by breaching coronavirus protocols.

The next hearing in her case has been scheduled for Monday.

Myanmar protesters hold red posters with Aung San Suu Kyi's face on them.
Deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi retains strong support across Myanmar.(Reuters: Supplied)

Myanmar junta sacks UN envoy who called for his compatriots to keep fighting and win as crackdowns continue

Posted 2d ago, updated 2d ago

Play Video. Duration: 26 seconds
Myanmar’s UN envoy asks the international community to use ‘any means necessary’ to stop the military coup.

Myanmar’s junta has fired its United Nations ambassador for breaking ranks to denounce the military’s ouster of civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, as police stepped up a crackdown on protesters across the country.

The country has been shaken by a wave of demonstrations since a coup toppled civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1.

Authorities have ramped up the use of force to suppress dissent, deploying tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets to disperse some protests. Live rounds have been used in isolated cases.

In justifying its seizure of power, the military has alleged widespread fraud in the November elections, which Ms Suu Kyi’s party won in a landslide, and promised fresh polls in a year.

But its ambassador to the United Nations on Friday broke ranks and made an emotional appeal to the international community for “the strongest possible action … to restore democracy”.

Kyaw Moe Tun also pleaded with his “brothers and sisters” in Burmese to keep fighting.

“This revolution must win,” he said, flashing the three-finger salute that has become a symbol of resistance against the junta.

By Saturday night, state-run TV announced Kyaw Moe Tun was no longer Myanmar’s UN ambassador.

“[He] didn’t follow the order and direction by the state and betrayed the country,” according to an MRTV broadcast.

“That is why he is revoked from his position starting from today.”Loading

‘We want to fight until we win’

News of Kyaw Moe Tun’s removal follows a day of crackdowns and mass arrests by Myanmar’s security forces as the country enters its fourth week of daily protests against the generals’ grip on power.

Chaos unfolded across commercial hub Yangon, with police closing in early on peaceful demonstrators and deploying rubber bullets to disperse them from Myaynigone junction.

Protesters scattered into residential streets and started building makeshift barricades out of stacked tables and trash cans to stop the police. 

Many wore hard hats and gas masks, wielding homemade shields for protection.

“What are the police doing? They are protecting a crazy dictator,” the protesters chanted angrily.

Soldiers and police clash with protesters on a road, where two people are lying down seemingly trying to protect their heads.
Authorities are cracking down on demonstrations against the military coup.(AFP)

Local reporters broadcast the chaotic scenes live on Facebook, including the moments when the shots rang out.

“We want to fight until we win,” said protester Moe Moe, 23, who used a pseudonym.

At nearby Hledan junction, several rounds of stun grenades were fired, according to AFP reporters.

At least three media workers were detained, including an Associated Press photographer, a video journalist from Myanmar Now, and a photographer from the Myanmar Pressphoto Agency.

Another protest near a shopping centre in nearby Tamwe Township was broken up by police.

Aye Myint Kyi, a distraught mother of one shopper, said she reached her daughter briefly on the phone, who said she was being taken.

“I don’t know where she was taken,” she said while crying.

“She was unjustly arrested.”

About 700 people still detained 

Armed police stand in a line across a main road blocking access while people walk and ride scooters past.
The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners said about 400 people had been arrested on Saturday.(AP)

In the central city of Monywa, a rally had barely started before police and soldiers moved in on demonstrators, said a medic with a local emergency rescue team. 

Htwe Aung Zin said his team had been “sent a man who was severely injured in his leg from the police crackdown”, adding that they treated 10 others with minor injuries. 

He declined to say what kind of bullets caused the man’s injury.

Another medic said a woman with severe injuries had been sent to the intensive care unit.

Meanwhile, two local media outlets saw their journalists arrested as they attempted to broadcast live video of protests on Facebook. 

More than 770 people have been arrested, charged and sentenced since the military coup, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) monitoring group, with some 680 still behind bars.

But Saturday is expected to push the number up, said AAPP’s Bo Gyi. 

“More than 400 were arrested [today],” he said, adding that only a fraction will make it into the group’s daily updated list as they were not able to confirm the names of everyone.


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Act with a determination not to be turned aside by thoughts of the past and fears of the future.


Your life is not decided by fate; you must create the future you want by taking the right actions now.


Honesty ~ Integrity

Leadership is not a position. It consists of action with transparency and to set high example of integrity, honesty and to strive for welfare of all.

To make a mark in this life, you must be resolute and courageous enough to take action on your dreams. The best relationships are those with an equal balance between communication and action.

If you don’t like my words, don’t listen. If you don’t like my appearance, don’t look. If you don’t like my actions, turn your head. Simple. As you go on with your life you realize that actions really speak louder than words, and that life depends on you and you depend on life

Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they want to be.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. You need to understand life enough and at the same time be ready to endure the consequences of your actions, because every action of life comes with a reward.

You need to understand life enough and at the same time be ready to endure the consequences of your actions, because every action of life comes with a reward.

There are times in life when even the smallest words or actions are infused with the most exquisite meaning. Age does not make you MATURE. It is the actions and behaviours that you display during adverse situations that do.

I think that, as life is action and passion, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of his time at peril of being judged not to have lived.Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your destiny!

One of the greatest challenges in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, and mistakes, and yet still thinks you’re absolutely Amazing