Wisdom ~ Kindness

Once upon fantasy, there were two of us who were taught by our Professor to

entertain on paper what we imagined others would read.

WordPress was our favourite learning tool. We wrote did graphics about anything we thought we knew. And by the way, it was called “BITS AND PIECES”

You name it we did it. Oh golly me, our skills we’re tragic.

If you are new to Blogging keep persevering you’re not alone here, folk came out of hiding to help us find our way. That first six months was a disappointment.

Categories galore, tags by the hundreds, no planning but a mirage of trashing.

Those first followers stayed with us and encouraged us. We learnt heaps

Along came J. Professor, pulling things together showing us it’s about being kind, compassion and humanity. Not about being a recognised Author or Writer, it was keeping things light sharing and caring that mattered.

Always encouraging us to share all our blogs with others, encouraging others who sometimes have writers block to search around other blogs and finding the stuff we were able to share. We always encourage others to share our stuff.

Wisdom ~ Kindness encourages diversity of writing matter. Many of the contents are an eclectic mix of black satire, humour, downright sexy, world History, Human Rights Watch, Animal Rights Act, climate change, Famous Artist, Famous Poets, Stories of yesterday, Pulled together by thoughts of Kindness and Wisdom,

J. Jay Samuel Davis is our inspiration and mentor.

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J. Jay Samuel Davis ~ Author

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Paradigm by Mystic Poet Laureate ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Paradigm is thought to mean ~ A paradigm is a person’s frame of reference. A person’s paradigm is how they see the world based on all the information that they have gathered and the beliefs that they possess. If the universe is analogized to a computer processor, a paradigm is like the operating system.Jan 2, 2017 โ€บ principles โ€บ para…

Paradigms โ€“ Genius Types โˆš possibly this may give you a grasp โœŠon the meaning of the Mystic Poetry and cryptic verse.

“APPROXIMATE.” a poem November 3, 2019 (Sunday)

AROUND HERE I think everything’s pretty much approximately presented,

Average and/or Extraordinary;

Ordinary and Circumvented.

Now, Approximate DOESN’T MEAN: Imperfect or NOT exact,

It’s just about THIS or THAT; it’s sort of “cracked,”

Which is, as Leonard Cohen says: “HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN.”

“Cracked” or “Lopsided” is HUMAN; you can call it “sin,”orTheWayThingsAre,

Which DOESN’T MEAN we CAN’T be a “star,”

And go aboutTheSpeedofLight.


A: YES, IF YOU accept it as OK

A: NO, IF you want things some other way.

But THE LATEST PARADIGM still has one more step to go.

Moral: “The OLD PARADIGM, like the NEW (paradigm) is APPROXIMATE,

Don’tCha know?”


All these Catalogues of the Poetry by The Mystic Poet have selected
Music included by Mystic. The lyrics are the woven threads of sound
To bring the meanings of the acronym, abbreviation,
into the words.
J. Jay Samuel Davis wears many caps of colour including
Graphics Artist
Poet Laureate
A Scholar and a Teacher
Activist for Human Rights
Around and around the mulberry bush
Who knows when it will end

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“IT’S ALL CLEAR AT OLDGRINGO COFFEE&COCKTAILS.” a poem, ushering in Alpine ArtWalk 2019, Thursday: November 21,2019

“IT’S ALL CLEAR AT OLDGRINGO COFFEE&COCKTAILS.” a poem, ushering in Alpine ArtWalk 2019, Thursday: November 21,2019

It’s CLEAR, we don’t have pool or bingo,

Over at “The OldGringo,”*

BUT whatWeGot will neverMake you frown:

(Just) The BEST entertainment and drink selections in Alpine Town,

So, IF you’re looking for THE REAL ACTION during ArtWalk this year,

And you don’t want to miss THE BEST, so that later, you’ll shed a [bitter] tear:

Just “Set Your Sights” on The Corner of Avenue “E” and 5th Street;

We’ll be waiting for you with coffee, sodas, alcoholic drinks


We are here FOR YOU and we are: “A Family Friendly Enterprise,”

That offers something for: your taste buds, your ears and, of course, your eyes.

That’s right! OUTSTANDING ARTWORK, and we surmise,

You might find that OldGringo’s HEART is its “grandest prize.”

So, clear your schedule ANDcomeBYthisWeekend (ARTWALK),

For a BIG surprise.

Sincerely, Your Friends at OldGringo:


We’re clear.

We’re almost “transparent;”


fin <3

  • – OldGringoCoffee&Cocktails, corner of Ave. E & 5th Street.

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“THE GOLDEN RULE?” a poem for: Thursday, the day before the start of ArtWalk in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., November 21, 2019

“THE GOLDEN RULE?” a poem for: Thursday, the day before the start of ArtWalk in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., November 21, 2019


An “easy” way for you to apply (IF you want) “The Golden Rule:”

It’s really easy.

Here it is:

And it’s NOT about kindness OR NOT being CRUEL;

It’s really easy.

Here it is:




AND (now) There is THIS GUY (call Him or Her YOU),

Over on The Right and trying to get in to,

“The Stream of Traffic.”


Stop. Just stop. and WAVE TO “him” that “she” can GO AHEAD OF YOU.


That’s The Rule That Rules Gold:

“Be nice to others like others was YOU.”


And listen to 10 angry, cursing drivers giving you “The Hawaiian Peace Sign.”

That’s “The Golden Rule” FOR YOU,

Described in this little rhyme.

fin <3

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“WINNERS & KEEPERS.” a poem ThOr’s Day, November 21, 2019

“WINNERS & KEEPERS.” a poem ThOr’s Day, November 21, 2019

For those PLANNING TO BE MARRIED in the next couple o’ years:

Here’s some “sage advice” to help to insure a minimum of tears:

When he (for guys) finds THAT GAL, youKnow the ONE you think might work,

Make sure she’s someone you like very much to watch “twerk,”

AND get a pair of her panties

AND, if they feel and smell right on top of your head,

SHE’S A “WINNER;” the wondrous, bloody light is red. (opt.: that’s the one to wed.)


You got you A WINNER. “A Winner,” man;

NOW, also, IF SHE ALSO likes to wear her panties upon her pretty face,

LUCKY YOU. That’s “A KEEPER,” even better than “a winner;”

IMMEDIATELY (if you can, since she might be living overseas or something),


Swear undying allegiance to her ’til the day you die.


This here’s NO LIE.

So, IF you got you “a winner” congrats to YOU;

“A keeper?” O. M. G. It’s like A DREAM COME TRUE,

‘Cause, believe me, the odds of finding one of those is a zillion to one.

HOLD ON TO HER; “break the bank for her;”


My Wayward Son.

fin <3

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Just being a man

Thoughts for a sunny day ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Funny * little * Quotes

Funny little jokes

Thought for the Day


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Bits and Pieces – by Dr J Kort – Is my Husband Gay , Straight or Bi

My longtime friend and colleague Dr. Joe Kort has been treating and writing about gender and sexual orientation issues for nearly three decades. In his Royal Oaks, Michigan, practice, Joe specializes in Gay Affirmative Psychotherapy and IMAGO Relationship Therapy, often treating men who are questioning their sexual orientation. This population is the focus of his new and much-needed book: Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi? A Guide for Women Concerned About Their Men. I am pleased that Joe has written this book, as I have had to deal with these questions in my own practice relatively often, as have many other therapists. I recently spoke with Joe about the book, and I wanted to share a few of his thoughts below.

What prompted you to write this book?

There are two main reasons. Number one is the high incidence of male-female couples entering my office because the woman thinks her man might be gay. More often than not, heโ€™s not gay or even bi. Heโ€™s actually straight, but for whatever reason, heโ€™s been looking at gay porn or heโ€™s been having sex with men. Number two is that I wanted to write this book for the men themselves because theyโ€™re usually very confused. A lot of the time these men come in on their own and theyโ€™re holding my book about coming out as gay, and they want to know, โ€œIs this me? Am I gay?โ€ Again, most of the time theyโ€™re not. And I think itโ€™s very important to state right here that Iโ€™m a gay man, yet here I am saying that most of the time these men who are being sexual with other men arenโ€™t gay. Thatโ€™s unusual, because most gay men, even most gay therapists, believe that if a guy is having gay sex, heโ€™s gay.

So how do you determine if a man is or isnโ€™t gay?

There are some basic questions that I ask. These are covered in detail in the book. I should probably state up-front that these questions are based on my clinical experience, not on any scientific research, but Iโ€™ve been doing this for a very long time and I can assure you that these questions are definitely on-point. First off, I want to know if the man had any โ€œyouthful noticing.โ€ Was he noticing other males in a sexual way when he was young? Most gay or bisexual men will say yes. A lot of the time they didnโ€™t know what to call it, but they knew that they had an attraction to menโ€”the locker room, the boy scouts or wherever. Straight men will say no. They almost never report youthful noticing.

I also use what I call the โ€œbeach test.โ€ I always joke with clients that for me, as a gay man, when Iโ€™m walking on the beach and checking people out, the women are in the way. Iโ€™m looking at your boyfriend, so get out of the way. With gay clients, they say they feel the same way; with bisexual clients, they say theyโ€™re looking at both the men and the women; with straight clients, they say theyโ€™re looking only at the women. Straight guys donโ€™t even notice the men.

Another thing that I look for is homophobia. When a man is in a long-term relationship with a woman but being sexual with men, either looking at porn or having actual sex, he either will or wonโ€™t be homophobic. Interestingly, itโ€™s the gay men who are homophobic. The straight men have no homophobia at allโ€”to the point where theyโ€™re willing to seek counseling from me, an openly gay therapist. A lot of times the gay men never even make it to me (without prompting from their wife, anyway) because theyโ€™re riddled with homophobia and Iโ€™m too gay for them. I threaten their sense of denial. So if a client is struggling with his sexual orientation and heโ€™s got a lot of homophobia, heโ€™s probably gay. The straight guys are not like that.

Thoughts at Wisdom Today ~ [ Bits & Pieces]

The Definition of a Gentleman

By John Henry Newman|June 20th, 2011|Categories: St. John Henry Newman

definition of a gentleman

Hence it is that it is almost a definition of a gentleman to say that he is one who never inflicts pain. This description is both refined and, as far as it goes, accurate. He is mainly occupied in merely removing the obstacles which hinder the free and unembarrassed action of those about him; and he concurs with their movements rather than takes the initiative himself. His benefits may be considered as parallel to what are called comforts or conveniences in arrangements of a personal nature; like an easy chair or a good fire, which do their part in dispelling cold and fatigue, though nature provides both means of rest and animal heat without them.The true gentleman in like manner carefully avoids whatever may cause a jar or a jolt in the minds of those with whom he is cast โ€” all clashing of opinion, or collision of feeling, all restraint, or suspicion, or gloom, or resentment; his great concern being to make every one at his ease and at home. He has his eyes on all his company; he is tender towards the bashful, gentle towards the distant, and merciful towards the absurd; he can recollect to whom he is speaking; he guards against unseasonable allusions, or topics which may irritate; he is seldom prominent in conversation, and never wearisome. He makes light of favors while he does them, and seems to be receiving when he is conferring. He never speaks of himself except when compelled, never defends himself by a mere retort; he has no ears for slander or gossip, is scrupulous in imputing motives to those who interfere with him, and interprets everything for the best. He is never mean or little in his disputes, never takes unfair advantage, never mistakes personalities or sharp saying for arguments, or insinuates evil which he dare not say out.From a long-sighted prudence, he observes the maxim of the ancient sage, that we should ever conduct ourselves towards our enemy as if he were one day to be our friend. He has too much good sense to be affronted at insults, he is too well employed to remember injuries, and too indolent to bear malice. He is patient, forbearing, and resigned, on philosophical principles; he submits to pain, because it is inevitable, to bereavement, because it is irreparable, and to death, because it is his destiny.If he engages in controversy of any kind, his disciplined intellect preserves him from the blundering discourtesy of better, perhaps, but less educated minds; who, like blunt weapons, tear and hack instead of cutting clean, who mistake the point in argument, waste their strength on trifles, misconceive their adversary, and leave the question more involved than they find it. He may be right or wrong in his opinion, but he is too clear-headed to be unjust; he is as simple as he is forcible, and as brief as he is decisive. Nowhere shall we find greater candor, consideration, indulgence: he throws himself into the minds of his opponents, he accounts for their mistakes. He knows the weakness of human reason as well as its strength, its province and its limits.If he be an unbeliever, he will be too profound and large-minded to ridicule religion or to act against it; he is too wise to be a dogmatist or fanatic in his infidelity. He respects piety and devotion; he even supports institutions as venerable, beautiful, or useful, to which he does not assent; he honors the ministers of religion, and it contents him to decline its mysteries without assailing or denouncing them. He is a friend of religious toleration, and that, not only because his philosophy has taught him to look on all forms of faith with an impartial eye, but also from the gentleness and effeminacy of feeling, which is the attendant on civilization.Not that he may not hold a religion too, in his own way, even when he is not a Christian. In that case his religion is one of imagination and sentiment; it is the embodiment of those ideas of the sublime, majestic, and beautiful, without which there can be no large philosophy. Sometimes he acknowledges the being of God, sometimes he invests an unknown principle or quality with the attributes of perfection. And this deduction of his reason, or creation of his fancy, he makes the occasion of such excellent thoughts, and the starting-point of so varied and systematic a teaching, that he even seems like a disciple of Christianity itself. From the very accuracy and steadiness of his logical powers, he is able to see what sentiments are consistent in those who hold any religious doctrine at all, and he appears to others to feel and to hold a whole circle of theological truths, which exist in his mind no otherwise than as a number of deductions.

Judgment has no place in the English language
only a fool would presume himself
to be above himself

I stopped explaining myself

when I realized people only understand

from their level of PERCEPTION


Others around me have no PERCEPTION

We are all suffering from senility probably Twenty three out of twenty four hours ๐Ÿ˜‚

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