“NEW PARADIGM BASEBALL.” a poem December 14, 2019 (Saturday)

It’s a new kind of baseball; it’s called: “Any Inning They Choose.”

BASICALLY, we all just warm up; perhaps, just an inning, and IF THEY lose,

We go back to practicing;

Now, let’s just think about this:

IF THEY WIN; let’s play more innings. AsLongAsTHEY’reWinning, it’s bliss.


“If you’re too far ahead, we’ll break every bat,

In your bullpen, and you can use paint brushes,

Until WE catch up; we’ll have NO ‘crushes.’ “

For, “Any Inning They Choose” can keep things TIED,

BALANCED and SENSIBLE. It’s a smooth, good ride,

For THEM so THEY won’t feel defeated;

“We NEVER HAVE TO PLAY (many) INNINGS; we want to be ‘SEATED.’

We don’t want to be discouraged or feel too far behind.”

“Any Inning They Choose” provides “peace of mind,”

For a REAL competitor?

“Let’s NEVER lose our edge.

We’re going to win

fin β™₯

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Christmas the Birthday of the Lord πŸ‘‘

T’was the night before Christmas

God glanced over the earth

He looked to and fro, all over it’s girth

They missed it again he said with a sigh

A heavy heart and a tear in his heart ❀️

I gave them my Son

My Greatest Gift πŸ’”

So they could be free

My Greatest GiftπŸ’”

To the fro me.

And they traded me in for a man in red πŸŽ…

A little tree too πŸ‘Ό

And a horse drawn sled πŸ›·

How do I save them

And make them see

My love ❀️ is complete

My Grace is Free

How do I help them

When all they know is a talking snowman β˜ƒοΈ

And a box πŸ“¦ with a bow

Maybe next year, they will stop and see

The Greatest Gift

Is a little πŸ§’ Child 🚼 from me πŸ‘Ό

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“CERTAIN PAIN.” a poem for: December 14, 2019 (Saturday)

“CERTAIN PAIN.” a poem for: December 14, 2019 (Saturday)

PAIN can put you in An Altered State, but it ISN’T there I’d (voluntarily) go,

‘Cause PAIN CAN BE PRETTY PAINFUL, sometimes chronic, so, perhaps, we should know,

That with physical pain , you MIGHT smile, but the intensity will vary;

Pain can be SO difficult, so it’s hard sometimes to be merry,

When THE PAIN HURTS and hurts and hurts – and seems “chronic,” never ending.

My body ACHES. who knows what it takes. My body is it fending,

Off the pain? Unbearable? Perhaps, but we may see,

That to stop (even) incredible pain may not be the best thing. Maybe, it’s best to let the body be,

As long as you can have some faith and not scream out too much,

BUT (try to) scream with gratitude, not with anger, and gently talk and touch,

With your body, congratulating its excellent endeavor,

To balance pleasure with this pain. the process, I think, is EVER,

ONGOING IN THIS REALM, where 1 plus 1 is TWO.



I think I’d like to sue,

The bastard who invented this place, although I’M SURE ‘TWAS ME.

What a trip;

What a ride;

This Sphere of Potential Sorrow IT hastens us to come,

And suffer greatly with gratitude and try not to be too numb,

For numbness is “the cure” that medicinals provide;


And I’m not sure it’s worth it, BUT remember what Groucho (Marx) said:

“Where else are you gonna get a decent lunch and a place to lay your head?”*

fin β™₯

  • – Assuming that your head doesn’t hurt SO MUCH that you can not even place it on your pillow.

“ALL I’VE LEARNED, SORT OF COMPILED IN ONE POEM AND, PERHAPS, ONE WORD.” a poem a.k.a.: “Don’t Read (Or Write?) Too Many Poems.” 15 Dec 19 (Sun.)

“ALL I’VE LEARNED, SORT OF COMPILED IN ONE POEM AND, PERHAPS, ONE WORD.” a poem a.k.a.: “Don’t Read (Or Write?) Too Many Poems.” 15 Dec 19 (Sun.)

Given ALL my NotTooAuspicious Religious study?

ALL I learned? MODERATION, and, within that context, to be a buddy.

I think it was my Buddy, The Buddha, who might have first put it to us:

“Just be moderate; don’t make a big ol’ fuss,

About doctrines and rules and credos and the like;

Just be a bit moderate; shine your little light.”

OF COURSE, NOW, even Buddhism will not stop there:

For (you have) there’s the TWENTY FOLD PATH, non-attachment and, oh, gosh, you better beware,

About good looking devas and, especially, their tummies,

And NOT dressing in orange. (pause)

I think even Egyptian mummies,

Coming back from The Dead to avenge lost princesses will show,

That you can accomplish a lot, one step at a time, focused on the death of “your foe.”

So, WHAT ABOUT IT? Moderation. Love a little; drink a little,

Go to church and sit in The Middle,

So you don’t draw too much attention to yourself from The Pastor or The Priest,


If you’re making “special brownies,” add just a little yeast.

Smoke a bit; s _ _ _ _ a time or two,

During the week to keep a rosy hue,

And a little smile, all enhancing your rosy cheeks.

MAYBE also don’t eat too much or make too much money, for a very rich man’s house REEKS,

Of death and theft and avarice and (dare I say it) over abundance;

Just be a little moderate; don’t be a dunce.

Well, YUP. That’s about it (pause) AND gather with friends (buddies) once in a while.

MODERATION. That’s what I’ve sort of learned to help you keep your smile.

fin β™₯

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